Give me the lowdown on what this is like.

Here's what's going to happen.

You buy a ticket.

We email you at 4pm the day of the show.

The email tells you where to meet us at 8pm.

The directions will be detailed.

You show up.

We let you into the back of our truck with 15 other people.

You watch one play.

We send you to a nearby bar to use the facilites for intermission.

We come get you.

You come back in the truck.

You watch a second play.

It's different from the first.

You then have optional drinks with the two of us.


Is the truck in motion during the show?

No, that would be crazy.


Is this legal?



What happens if it rains?

You're seated in the truck with us, so we might have to talk louder, but the show goes on.


Do I have to buy tickets in advance?

Absolutely. We need to be able to tell you where to find us. Tickets are on sale until 4pm the day of the show.


The show I want to go to is sold out.

That's a bummer, but what can we say? We're popular. 

What the what?